About Me

Hello, and thank you for checking out my site! My name is Bethany, and this blog is all about my journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse and my personal experience with C- PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) and DID (dissociative identity disorder).

A few things about me! First and foremost, I am a Jesus girl. I would say Christian but that gets tossed around a lot these days. I’m not a “I keep my faith in a box and attend church on Sunday’s” kind of Christian. I am a born again, bible believing, Holy Spirit filled Christian who see’s everything, including and maybe especially, the journey you’ll be reading about here through the lens of my faith. It is this faith that has gotten me through the hardest parts of the healing process, and what continues to keep me from giving up. Essentially, it is my life line.

I am married to the single most amazing, handsome, funny, and masculine stud ever known to mankind. I have four beautiful, intelligent, creative, and witty children that are a daily challenge and blessing. I have been blessed with a wonderfully supportive family and group of friends whom I love dearly, and can’t imagine going through this process without them.

My hope is that through the darkest and most painful parts of my story, you’ll see the light of my Savior shining through. Though I certainly haven’t arrived to a place of complete healing, it is the journey I’m on and there have been several victories along the way. My prayer is that others with similar stories would find validation and hope as they realize they’re not alone. As with anything, please remember that this is my personal experience and may differ from yours, and that’s okay. Thank you for being here and may my Heavenly Father receive all the glory for any good that is accomplished through this blog!